Friday, December 5, 2008

Dirty little secret bag!

It's a bag. With a delightful dirty little secret inside.
Don't you just want your very own for Christmas?

So, I finally made the cool cowboy fabric into a bag. I figured I wanted one I could use to lectures and stuff to carry my notebook and textbook and assignments and stuff with me, so it is just big enough to fit the A4 sized stuff. One textbook, one notebook, pens, calculator, cell phone, wallet, small pack of snacks. That's what there's room for. And it looks oh so dull and conservative. On the outside, that is. (Please excuse the bad photo. I was using my mobile phone to take the picture.) Well, there it is. All black and dull and proper and suitable for taking to math lectures at uni.

But the insides are lined up with pockets and half naked cowboys.

Isn't he just looking all handsome there? One big pocket with room for anything, covered with one big cowboy!

On the other side, there's a blonde cowboy, on a pocket made especially for my pretty little mobile phone.

This bag is made of my very own pattern, and I really do like it. A lot. I am indeed shaping up to become quite the bagmaker, I think. ;)