Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beginner sewing projects!

Beginner sewing projects turned out to be hard to find for me when I first started looking. Everything was either too complicated, or it cost a lot of money to buy it. I wanted something free, that was easy and fun. (Yeah, I'm pretty hard to please, I know!)

But, now I have been searching for a while, and I have gathered up a nice amount of links to fun, free and easy sewing projects, and I thought I'd share!

  • tinyhappy's shoulderbag -my first ever project! It was so much fun, and so easy!
  • u-handblog - scroll down, and on the righthand side you can see a list of tutorials. They are made up with pictures of each step, and the results are awesome!
  • mackville road bag tutorial - I haven't tried this one, but it looks really cool!
  • Anna Maria Horner - scroll down to you see the "Make This With Me" list on the lefthand side. I really like her instructions for the pillowcase dress!
  • Casette Tape Wallet tut - this is so cool, and I am gonna try it as soon as I get my hands on a casette!
Well, those are my favourite beginner projects. What's yours? It can be so daunting to start sewing, especially if there's no one there to show you how, but with these easy to follow, wonderful tutorials, everyone can sew the prettiest things!
Good luck with these projects everyone!