Sunday, November 16, 2008

document case / laptop bag!

So, this is what my dad is getting for Christmas this year. It's a computer envelope/sleeve thingy, that can also be used as a document case.

It's made of plain black cotton fabric, and scrap fabric of various patterns for the lining and for the pocket on the front. Other details include bias tape for the edges, and strips hook-and-loop fastener for simple closing and opening.

Maybe not too fancy, but it does its job, and it suits a laptop perfectly.

I used a pattern from Living Creatively to guide me through making this thing. They have some pretty easy to follow patterns/tutorials, so I recommend everyone to take a look at their stuff. It's especially nice for beginners, as we tend to need step-by-step instructions with pictures of each step. (I know it's been very helpful for me!)

Actually, I think I shall make one of these for myself, too. Using different fabrics, of course. I am getting excited already!