Friday, November 7, 2008

Knit a tablecloth!

It is nice to make something unique, that no one else have. And when you make things yourself, you can put your own personal flair to it. Like this tablecloth I knitted in some really bright colours, and they're not matching at all. I LOVE IT!

What I did what I bought some thin wool yearn, in those un-matching colours (but of course, it would probably turn out much more classy with different colours!), and knitted it up on thick needles. Just knit back and forth, and don't care about it if a minor flaw should appear. Then, when it is done, put it in the washer and watch it shrink to half its size, and the surface of it turn all soft and pretty. (This process is also called fulling)
To make sure this happens, one needs yarn that is not super wash, so that it will actually shrink!

This is so easy to do! And one can make it in any size, shape and colourcombination one likes, add effects like fringes and stuff.
It is also easy and neat to make matching table napkins to have under the plates when you have guests over for dinner, or just for decorative purposes!