Thursday, November 6, 2008


I figured I should write an introduction as the first post. Then I stopped and wondered, what on earth should I write in an introduction?

Well, about me:
I am twenty-three years old, I study math and geosciences at uni, I work part time as a bouncer and a security guard, I love parties, boys and cocktails, I love fancy drinks and import beer, I like skirts and pumps and pretty dresses, I'd rather listen to hardcore heavy metal than hip hop, and I am absolutely terrified of kids, even though everyone keeps telling me I act like a mom. All in all, I am a little bit of a contradiction. But I do not think I particularly crazy.

And, about my stuff:
First of all, I am certainly not a professional! I do what I do for fun. I like to create things and to see a finished pretty result. I try and more often than not I fail. I knit, I sew, I make cards. Sometimes I draw or paint, but I find that I do not have the pateince for these things.
I usually put my own flair to thing, with colours and stuff, and it is so amazing to have something that no one else has! And, it's so great to actually make something.

I suppose my goal is to be able to actually make my own professional-looking dresses, but I am not there yet. As for now, I do easy peasy stuff. But.. just watch me! This is my blog about my way towards reaching that goal. And I'll post pictures of my creations as I go along. Who knows, I might even post pictures about how I made stuff!


house on hill road said...

hi malin! welcome to the blogging world. enjoy yourself and have fun!

Linda said...

If you paint and sew, try combining the two! Paint the fabric you sew! Use stamps, brushes, leaves, flowers and fabric paint. Try taking 100% cotton fabric in a color and use bleach and a paint brush to do a reverse dying technique. Makes fun purses. And by the way, your purse looks great!

malin said...

Thanks for the comments people!

Linda, that sounds so cool! I am so going to try that! I will, of course, post the result when I do! Thanks so much for the tip!!