Thursday, November 6, 2008

first ever handbage made!

So, I made my first ever handbag/shoulder bag this week! It was done with some fabric I already had, that I had bought cheap on Ikea. The outside, as you can see, is of a black and white pattern, and the inside is plain purple. It was actually surprisingly easy, not to mention fun, to make this. I will be making more bags, that's for sure!

To make this bag, I had actually bought a pattern from Burda, but I didn't like their instructions very well, so instead I used the pattern from them (or parts of it, anyway), and followed the instructions from tinyhappy, who posted a very easy to follow tutorial that included pictures. I absolutely love sewing tutorials with pictures. There should be more of them!

I am not sure if I will make more bags following this exact same pattern. I think I will, but I also think I will experiment. Something tells me my friends will be getting these for Christmas. And, a lady can never have to many purses and bags, right?