Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shopping for fabrics!

There's so many absolutely wonderful fabrics out there, but most of them are expensive. That is why I absolutely love finding them on sale! And this week, I got myself two really cool fabrics on a seventy percent discount! I absolutely love the ones with a nice colours and shapes on them!

This one I want to make a really cool bag or something out of. It's really so colourful and full of fun stuff on it! I was toying a little bit with the idea of a dress, too, but I think that'd make me stand out like a sore thumb if I ever wore it. But for accessories this is the coolest fabric ever! It was the first thing in the store that caught my attention, so finding out it was on a sale actually made me just as happy as if I had found a nice pair of shoes on sale or something. Absolutely amazing!

Now, this one, I have no idea what I'll use it for, but I actually really liked it. And it was in the scrap basket where they sold of the last meter of fabric from the rolls for a couple of bucks. I liked the colours a lot, and I might make something for my mum using it. Or maybe I'll use it as linen for a bag. It's always nice with a bit of colourful details inside, I think.

I also got some plain black and some bright pink cotton fabric, and that can always come in handy. I am very happy with my growing collections of fabrics now. So many pretty things, to make even prettier things from!

But I really, really want this from Cia's Palette! So effing cool! *__*